We make our products with quality fabrics that ensure a firm composure and increase durability. We offer a variety of silica and fiberglass fabrics for all of our applications. Consult the informational flyers and data sheets below to find the best fabrics for you and your applications.  

Our rolls are 36 -72 inches wide by 50 yards long.


Informational Overview PDFs:


Silica Fabrics PDF 

Fiberglass Fabrics PDF 

Data Sheets:


Silica Fabric Data Sheets:


Uncoated Silica Fabrics:

Silica Needled Mat (SNM) Data Sheet 

1400 Uncoated Silica Data Sheet


Coated Silica Fabrics:

1400 V (Coated) Silica Data Sheet

PS-1800 Data Sheet

PS-3600 Data Sheet

PS-HB-32 Herringbone Data Sheet 

PS-BB Board Data Sheet


Fiberglass Fabric Data Sheets:


Uncoated Fiberglass Fabrics: 

PS-3500 Fiberglass Data Sheet 

GR4E Data Sheet


Coated Fiberglass Fabrics: 

E-Glass Fiberglass Insulation Mat Data Sheet

17 oz Fiberglass Data Sheet

PS-2800 E Fiberglass Data Sheet

32 oz Fiberglass Data Sheet 

PS-PTFE Data Sheet

2200 Kevlar Data Sheet

PS-2025 Aluminized Fiberglass Data Sheet

GR2-SRC Data Sheet