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High Temperature Fabrics 

Insulation Pads (custom & removable)


Torch Guards

Fire/Welding Blankets


High Temperature Fabrics

Pyro Shield manufactures and fabricates silica fabrics with different types of finishes, thicknesses, weights and improving properties. Our industrial fabrics range in temperatures from 500-2000F.  We also offer numerous coatings which provide protection against abrasion, weather damage, ultra violet light from welding, and radiant heat.


Satin Weave Twill & Textured Knitted

Insulation Pads 

Specializing in fabricated insulation pads, Pyro Shield manufactures custom insulation pads and blankets for just about any industry. The heat treating industry is a main consumer of our insulation blankets for PWHT, Preheat and Slow-Cooling applications.  However, the gas and oil, power and steel/aluminum industries continue to rely on Pyro Shield for many of their high temperature applications.  All of our blankets are fabricated to most any size and sewn with stainless steel thread.


Extruder Blankets Marine Applications
Boiler Heads Heat Exchangers
Sound Absorption Blankets Valve Cover Blankets
Thermal Blankets Exhaust Systems
Steam And Gas Turbines Freeze Protection Blankets
Turbine Covers  Annealing Seals
 Welding Blankets  Pipe Insulation
 Expansion Joints  Rigid For Orbital Welding
 Gaskets  Pre Heat Blankets
 Removable Heat Treating Blankets  Stress Releiving Blankets

Benefits associated with using Pyro Shield's product lines:

Energy Conservation Durable & Abrasion Resistant
Multiple Re-Uses Freeze Protection
Excellent Thermal Conductivity Noise Control
Personal Protection Temperature Retention

Custom Insulated Pads, Blankets & Curtains

Pyro Shield specializes in fabricated insulation pads, blankets and curtains to suit our customers’ needs and temperature ratings.  Our insulation pads are made from fiberglass or silica fabrics, coated or uncoated with E-glass Mat or Silica Needled Mat insulation depending on high temp or low temp applications, using only high temperature stainless steel threads.  See our gallery for custom work.  



Removable Insulating Covers

Removable insulating covers are another one of Pyro Shield's specialties and are a convenient way to provide routine access to a pipe, valve, instrument or any device that has to be inspected, removed or visually monitored. Pyro Shield offers a variety of fabricated thermal conservations blankets and noise reduction blankets in addition to personnel protection blankets to protect from potentially dangerous hot applications.  Our blankets are made for easy installation and removal during scheduled and un-scheduled maintenance periods.



HS 16 is our newest product in Pyro Shield’s line of high temp fabrics and insulation. This ceramic mat is encapsulated in a silica fabric on both sides, encasing the fibers inside. HS 16 (STOPHEAT) works well for slow cooling, PWHT, stress relieving, gouging protection, and heavy welding applications.

Download HEATSTOP Flyer

Torch Guards

Pyro Shield offers a torch guard, standard size 1/8” Thick x 8" x 12”, made from our high temperature silica fabric for the tool box used by professional welders, HVAC, and plumbers doing light brazing and welding. Pyro Shield can also fabricate torch guards to most any size to meet our customer's needs.  Our Torch Guard is designed for commercial, industrial and residential applications where protection from torch flame and heat is the top priority. Pyro Shield products can also be fabricated to custom fit any space. Whether your job is plumbing, soldering, brazing or welding, the need often arises to protect whatever surrounds the weld area from melting or burning.

“No tool box is complete without the Pyro Shield torch Guard”

                                 Shawn Heer, President, BK Plumbing



Emergency Blanket / Fire Blanket

The Pyro Shield's Fire Blanket provides a 4'x4' fire blanket  that can withstand temperatures up to 1400F.  Our blankets are encased in a white canister that can be mounted on most walls. The fire blanket is used to smother small fires in its early stage and as a wrap for escape.  Pyro Shield's Fire Blanket can extinguish flames at the early stages of fire, preventing thousands of dollars of damage and down time caused by water or Halon.

Welding Blankets & Curtains

Pyro Shield offers safety blankets and curtains for all types of welding applications. If you are performing light welding, grinding or cutting, we offer numerous fiberglass welding blankets. Heavy welding, slag, and spatter requires high temperature welding blankets made from our silica fabrics that are able to withstand steady state temperatures of 1800F with a melting point of 3100F. We can fabricate your blankets to most any size that your application requires and place grommets where needed.




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