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The high temperature insulation we offer includes:

Silica Needled Mat




Our silica needled mat is comprised of an assortment of long staple fibers randomly oriented into a uniform blanket. The mat is resistant to most chemicals and offers good thermal protection to temperatures up to 1,800°F (with a melting temperature of 3,100°F). Our silica needled mat is reusable and if properly taken care of, can be re-used many times. It does not require a special disposal when finished. This mat can also be used in settings where refractory is required because of its ability to withstand high temperatures. 

Our silica needled mat is a noncarcinogenic, meaning the continuous filament yarns have a diameter of ≥ 6+ microns. This unique feature makes our soft silica needled mat non-respirable and easy to fabricate. Our mat allows you to install insulating blankets without gloves. Our silica needled mat is a great replacement where ceramic fiber is used.


Features of our silica needled mat include but aren't limited to:


Applications include but aren't limited to:


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E-Glass Mat




Our e-glass insulation mat is an incombustible, needled fiberglass mat.


Applications include:


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