We provide various products for insulation while offering a variety of different fabrics and accessories for the best insulation possible.


*Please note we will provide a quote based on drawings and given measurements. We do NOT measure on-site.*


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Insulation products we offer include:


Silica Needled Mat




Our silica needled mat is comprised of an assortment of long staple fibers randomly oriented into a uniform blanket. The mat is resistant to most chemicals and offers good thermal protection to temperatures up to 1,800°F (with a melting temperature of 3,100°F). Our silica needled mat is reusable and if properly taken care of, can be re-used many times. It does not require a special disposal when finished. This mat can also be used in settings where refractory is required because of its ability to withstand high temperatures. 

Our silica needled mat is a noncarcinogenic,meaning the continuous filament yarns have a diameter of ≥ 6+ microns. This unique feature makes our soft silica needled mat non-respirable and easy to fabricate. Our mat allows you to install insulating blankets without gloves. Our silica needled mat is a great replacement where
ceramic fiber is used.


Features of our silica needeled mat include but aren't limited to:

  • Made with a non-respirable fiber
  • Ceramic free
  • Made from continuous filament silica fiber
  • No "shot"
  • Highly durable with multiple reuses
  • Excellent thermal conductivity


Applications include but aren't limited to:

  • Insulation matting for high temperature insulation blankets
  • Sound supression 
  • Removeable insulation pads
  • Power generating equipment
  • Industrial furnances
  • Piping


View our silica needled mat data sheet here.


E-Glass Mat




Pyro Shield's style e-glass is an incombustible, needled fiberglass mat.


Applications include:

  • High temperature insulation applications where high heat resistance and flexibility is required
  • Removable insulation covers
  • Welding applications and gasket material in boilers
  • Industrial furnaces up to 1,200°F


View our e-glass data sheet here.

Removable Insulation Blankets 

(A Pyro Shield Specialty)



Our removable insulation blankets are custom made, making them easy to install and remove. Made from high temperature fabrics and needled mats, our blankets help preserve the heat within your application while simultaneously lowering you energy bill.

 Our removable insulation blankets also offer sound absorption and freeze protection, two great features that benefit any appliction.

Benefits of our removable insulation blankets:

  • Reduces energy costs
  • Reduces heat loss
  • Heat retention
  • Easy maintenance
  • Personnel protection
  • Sound reduction and absorption
  • Freeze protection
  •  Can be customized as needed


Our covers are designed with the following accessories:

  • Cutouts
  • Velcro
  • D Rings
  • Straps
  • Magnets
  • Lacing anchors to ensure the best fit for closure
  • With or without overlapping flaps


View our removable insulation blankets line card here.

Custom Fabricated Insulation Pads

(A Pyro Shield Specialty)



We spealize in custom fabricated insulation pads that are designed with the dimensions you need. Our PS-2000 pads are designed to handle 1,800°F and will replace single use ceramic fiber blankets that cause handling, durability and housekeeping issues.

Benefits of our insulation pads:

  • Made with noncarcinogenic fabrics
  • Offers the utmost protection and insulation
  • Fabricated to preference 


Oven Insulators and Tadpole Seals



We offer oven insulators that can be customized to fit your needs. Our tadpole seals and covers, made with high temperature silica fabrics and high temperature silica mats, have a steady state temperature of 1,800°F and a melting point of 3,100°F. Blankets and seals can be fabricated as needed and can be stud pinned or bolted on the oven as well. Tadpole seals are then secured to the oven door to allow for a tight fit where no air or gasses can escape.

We also provide external and internal seals for coke ovens. Our BB Board is used for our external door selas and damper seals that offer thermal protection. The air contained by these seals will make for a more complete burning process. Our tadpole seals can be used inside the ovens as well. These seals ensure that no air or gasses can escape through oven holes while the coke is being converted.

Benefits of our oven insulators and tadpole seals:

  • Fabricated to meet your needs and fit your specific application
  • Made with high temperature silica mats and fabrics
  • Keeps air from penetrating and keeps gasses from escaping
  • Offers thermal protection


View our oven insulators and tadpole seals line card here.

 Hose Covers



Our hose covers are made to protect induction coils, hydraulic arms, input and output leads, and other cables as needed. Our covers are also perfect for making sure your hose is protected from abrasion, flying debris, heat, cuts, ware, and any other conditions it may face. Hydraulic hoses are typically found in rough environmets as the hose is constantly moving, vibrating, and erosion. Not only do they protect your hose from these conditions, but they can also help to protect both you and your machinery as well as they help reduce the amount of flying debris.

Benefits of our hose covers:

  • Offer protection from heat, abrasion, and ware
  • Protection from misuse
  • Helps extend the life of your application
  • Keeps hoses secure and working in rough conditions
  • Keeps hoses in good condition
  • Made to preference


Furnace Modules

We offer silica fiber furnace modules that can be fabricated as needed and customized to preference. 

View our furnace modules line card here.