Portable Induction Furnaces, Clam Shells And Induction Blankets

Portable Induction Furnaces

Induction Heat Convection Ovens are custom built to meet our customer’s needs.  Pyro Shield insulates ovens to almost any size and any height.   These ovens allow uniform preheat and stress relief of metals.  Metals that cannot be heat treated through induction, such as aluminum or stainless steel parts, drill bits, tools and flanges.  The induction, heat-convection furnace is powered by Miller Electrics 35 kilowatt induction machine (Proheat 35).

These portable furnace ovens are very energy efficient with quick heat up times and controlled cool down times.  Unlike gas furnaces, these furnaces have no fumes, therefore no venting is required and most importantly, the portable furnaces eliminate the need to use “open flames”, creating a much safer work environment for your staff.  


Before Photo
Using open flame, which has proven to be and unsafe method to preheating
After Photo
Using our Pyro Shield oven, powered by the Miller Proheat 35

Clam Shells Used With Induction

The clam shell is a method to heat up pipe, simple and cost-effective, heating process that can solve many preheating problems related to heating moving parts and delivers fast, consistent heat.  Built to size based on the customer needs. 



Induction Blankets And Internal Plugs 



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