High Temperature Seals, Modules, Thermal Barriers & Enclosures, Pipe Wraps

High Temperature Seals & Gaskets

Pyro Shield manufactures flexible seals for all major producers of steel, aluminum, glass and industrial furnaces. We can fabricate our seals, including our braided seal to most any size diameter, length, and thickness required to prevent leaks.. Our braided seals & gaskets stop the leaks in battery doors, openings and act as covers. The braided seals & gaskets are constructed using our heavy duty high temp fabric & silica needled mat as the insulator.

 “Pyro Shield's focus is to deliver seals that will last longer and seal better.”

Pyro Shield fabricates many types of seals to accommodate a variety of different furnace styles in a variety of industries.  Annealing, while in steel production, utilize our braided seal to prevent oxygen from entering the cover.      

  • Flat Stack Seal
  • Tundish Seal
  • Remelt Furnace Seal
  • Braided Seal
  • and more......                   


High Temperature Modules

Pyro Shield fabricates furnace modules made out of pre-shrunk SNM (2000F temp rating). The SNM will outlast typical ceramic fiber and boards as the SNM has a very high tensile strength.  SNM will increase in tensil strength by five times after being heated.  Our modules are used as a brick and is a replacement on furnace floors and seals.  The fabric can also be texterized to improve its properties and increase ther thermal resistance.  The walls, roofs or liners that we fabricate can install with and without and anchoring system to accommodate the installers equipment. 

Module Applications:

  • Coke Ovens
  • Electric Arc Furnaces
  • Panel Gaskets
  • Torpedo Ladles
  • Continuous Casting
  • Blast Furnaces
  • Reheating Mill
  • Hot Blast Stove



Thermal Barriers & Enclosures

Pyro Shield can construct thermal barriers and enclosures for those applications where insulation pads or blankets, will not work when heat or stress relieving.  We can make covers for valves, tees, flanges, elbows, generators, and exhaust systems, while using a reflective cover to prevent heat loss.



Pyro Shield Pipe Wraps

Pyro Shield fabricates insulation sleeves, wraps and tubing for a wide variety of piping, hoses and connecters. Our custom wrap can be made to cover any diameter pipe. It can also be made to sprial over flanges and valves. The sleeves can also be made with and without insulation and Velcro for closure. These wraps are easily installed and very re-usabale and are made to withstand temperature up to 1800F.  



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