Furnace Modules

Stacked furnace module without hardware (above)


• Easy to use and install
• Installed with or without an anchoring system
• Provides efficient thermal lining
• Reduces risks of hot spots and lining failures
• Stacked and accordion style modules available


• Homogenizing furnaces
• Process heaters
• Ceramic kilns
• Thermal oxidizers
• Annealing furnaces
• Boilers
• Heat treating furnaces
• And more

Our Furnace

Our furnace, lined with modules made with our silica needled mat, allows us to make our pre-shrunk insulation mats. Pictured is our furnace after 50 thermal cycles at 1,475°F.

Silica Needled Mat

Our furnace modules are fabricated with our silica needled mat (snm), which is compromised of an assortment of long staple fibers randomly oriented into a uniform blanket.


  • Ceramic free
  • Made from continuous filament silica fiber
  • No “shot”
  • Highly durable with multiple reuses
  • Excellent thermal conductivity
  • Resistant to most chemicals
  • Offers good thermal protection up to 1,800°F
  • Melting temperature of 3,100°F
  • No special disposal