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Insulation Wrap

Ideal for protecting applications where temperatures reach up to 1,000°F.

Item No. PS-1700-12E
17 oz fabric on outside, 1/2″ ENM on inside

8″ x 20′: 1 LEFT

8″ x 24′: 8 LEFT

8″ x 25′: 11 LEFT

Induction Sleeves

• Constructed with our 32 SRC (silicone rubber coated) impregnated fiberglass fabric
• Made with Velcro for closure
• Withstands temperatures up to 1,000°F
• Extends the life of induction coils
• Resistant to hydraulic fluids, lubricating oils, and fuels
• Insulates against energy loss in piping and hosing
• Protects employees from burns
• Provides flame resistance to “bundling” of wires, hoses, and cables

32 oz GR2-SRC Induction Sleeve

30’ x 5.25”: 50 AVAILABLE
50’ x 5.25”: 42 AVAILABLE