PS-3500 Pre-Heat Pad

Pre-Heat Blankets and Pads


  • Stock pre-heats offered as 1/2″ thick with cut lines 6″ and 12″ with 10′ and 20′ long
  • Fabricated with a variety of silica and multilayered fiberglass fabrics and mats
  • Custom sizes available with and without cut lines
  • Max operating temp for silica pre-heats: 2,300°F
  • Max operating temp of fiberglass pre-heats: 1,000°F

Post Weld Heat Treat (PWHT) Blankets and Pads:

We offer fully encapsulated blankets and pads, creating a friendlier work environment for both heat treaters and welders by eliminating insulation particles from permeating the air.


  • Custom sizes available
  • Made with or without straps
  • Made with 1″ thick insulation mat, fully enclosed with silica fabric on both sides
  • Max operating temp of 2,300°F
  • Melting temp of 3,100°F
  • Reusable up to 50 thermal cycles per blanket